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The 2015 season of Michael Burton Productions, LLC (MBP).

As former Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, I welcome you to my "Joe Louis Walker" Blog.
I was chosen to handle Stage, Technical's and Logistics in January 1976. It's a great story that will entertain you, click here.

The 2015 season of Michael Burton Productions, LLC (MBP) will indeed be unique.  We would like to feature our artist in every state, but will be limited to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina during the first leg of this 9 State 40 City Tour 

In preparing for this “Concert Production Season”, Michael Burton Productions faces a challenge.  A challenge that is so unique, no one has attempted it before to my knowledge.

In October 2011, while at a show in Folsom, California, I would enjoy a show that Headlined my friend Joe Louis Walker, which I had previously seen in February 2010 while at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival in Florida.
Michael Burton Sr. & Joe Louis Walker
I was at the show to relax and enjoy.

When I first received notification that “Joe Louis Walker” would be performing locally, of course I did a little research. 

Over a year had past since Florida, but “Joe” stayed on my mind.  His stage presence, the look and participation of his fans are what really kept it there for me.

Back to the “Research”.

In 1986, “Joe Louis Walker” released his debut album, “Cold is the Night” on the Hightone label.

“The Gift” (1988),

“Blue Soul” (1989),

“Live At Slims Volume 1” (1991),

“Live At Slims Volume 2” (1992).

After leaving Hightone, “Joe Louis Walker” was signed by the Polygram/Verve/Gitanes Label.

In 1993 with the release of “Blues Survivor” it would mark the beginning of an era that would merge many of his gospel, jazz, soul, funk and rock influences.
1993 also saw the release of B.B. King’s Grammy Award winning “Blues Summit” album, which featured a duet with “Joe Louis Walker”.

In 1994 he would release “JLW” which featured such guests as James Cotton, Branford Marsalis, and the Tower of Power Horn Section.

“Blues of the Month Club” was released in 1995, and was the first of three albums co‑produced with Steve Cropper. 

In 1996, “Joe Louis Walker” would also play on James Cotton’s “Deep in the Blues” Grammy winning album. 

“Great Guitars” was released in 1997 and became known as one of the best selling albums of the decade that included a collection of friends and luminaries that became a representation of its era. 
The assembled guests were Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Taj Majal, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Otis Rush, Scotty Moore, Robert Lockwood, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Steve Cropper, Little Charlie Baty, Tower of Power Horns, Ike Turner, and others.

“Joe Louis Walker” released “Preacher & the President” in 1998.

"Silvertone Blues” in 1999.

The music continued with:

“In The Morning” in 2002,

“Pasa Tiempo” 2002, and

“Guitar Brothers” in 2002.

In 2003 “Joe Louis Walker” gave us “She’s My Money Maker”, and

“Ridin’ High”. 

“New Directions” in 2004, and

“Playin’ Dirty” in 2006.

By the time 2008 arrived he was signed to Stony Plains Records and recorded,

“Witness to the Blues”,

and in 2009,
“Between A Rock & The Blues”. 

“Blues Conspiracy"
"Live On The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise”,
   (Stony Plain, 2010).

“Hellfire”, 2012,

 Alligator Records' Hellfire, the label debut from Joe Louis Walker, is available now. The award-winning guitar slinger, passionate vocalist and gifted songwriter has been releasing groundbreaking music since 1986 and has toured  -- and continues to tour -- worldwide. The New York Times raves, "Walker is a singer with a Cadillac of a voice. He delivers no-nonsense, gutsy blues. His guitar solos are fast, wiry and incisive, moaning with bluesy despair." Rolling Stone simply calls him "ferocious."
Thus far throughout his recording career he has a collection of Music Awards, including:
  1. Three “W.C. Handy Awards”.
  2. One “Bay Area Music Award”.
  3. Five nominations for “The Blues Music Awards”.
  4. The Blues Foundation's 2013 Blues Music Awards!

More Joe Louis Walker:

  1. Live at ‘On Broadway’ (Blues Express 2001).
  2. Recorded: December 16, 1999 in San Francisco, CA.
  3. Ohne Filter, Joe Louis Walker in Concert (inakoustik 2003).
  4. Recorded: June 3, 1991 in Baden, Germany.

This new project is causing much excitement here and at the powers that be. Can we pull it off; Hellfire Yes!   

But before that, this writer would like you to continue this ride with Michael Burton Productions (MBP).  This industry has blessed me for close to 40 years, and I would like you to share the remaining time I have with you. 

I am sending shout-outs to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina. I’m convinced that I can get the support needed to Produce “Joe Louis Walker” in these States, and I need you to verify this. My “Investors” will need to see the documentation to justify this Production, so I will create a blog for your input.

This will be a grass roots effort to get feed-back from the above mentioned States. I have taken on one helleva project for this upcoming season, why? because with todays technology I can reach thousands of people just by reaching out, or at least that's the premise. I also think Joe Louis Walker is well worth this effort.

As you can see on the map I have chosen the first States now here is where it gets interesting.

I have a deep Passion for Music, It lives in my Soul. It's Extremely Important for me to create not only a business relationship but a friendship. There becomes a trust & understanding between the Artist and Myself which enables me to not only help Promote the Music, but take it to the stage.

I'm learning every day what it takes to make it happen & so in turn I work with my Artist to help them achieve the most exposure & take their "Musical Journey" to another level. 

My Goal is to know I had a part in making things happen. Join me in this New Venture, "The Joe Louis Walker 2015 Concert Tour".

Help Us Keep The Music Alive!

All information related to The Joe Louis Walker - Michael Burton Productions series of shows does not include any dates from his current schedule. Those date can be found at: All additional dates will be added as time permits.

Michael Burton Sr.

"9 STATE 40 CITIES 2013 - 2014"

 My Chosen Cities"

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Without a doubt one of the most exciting and innovative artists gracing contemporary blues, guitarist "Joe Louis Walker" has glowed like a "Shining Beacon" over the last decade.

By clicking this link, it will open a new window, and without a doubt you will understand "WHY" we are taking on such a task.